Yoga for Lymphatic Health

Edely L. Wallace explains her personal troubles after an accident, which inspired her to discover the benefits of yoga for lymphatic health. To start, Wallace places her hands on the back of the neck, where many lymph nodes are located that affect the entire lymphatic system. Gently press and release between the neck and shoulders. Inhale as you lift your hands and press and release between the shoulder blades, dragging your hands to the collar bones. Lift your shoulders as you inhale and exhale as you drop the shoulders. With your hands below your ears, gently make a circular formation. Following, as you exhale, bring your chin slightly in and drop the head. As you breath in, lift your chin toward the ceiling. Be sure to keep your head aligned with your spine. Next, exhale and gently turn your head to the right or left and look over the shoulder. Gently squeeze the abdomen at the end of the exhalation. Inhale when your head is centralized.
Wallace continues by working with the spinal column because of the cisterna chyli in the abdominal area, which receives the lymph fluid from the legs. Exhale while you round your back and drop the head and chin in while separating the shoulder blades. As you inhale, gently lift your spine with a coordinated breathing motion and lift your chin while squeezing your shoulder blades together and opening your upper chest. Following, Wallace focuses on diaphragmatic breathing, or the proper breathing of humans using the abdomen. Exhale, bringing the naval closer to the spine. Inhale while trying to keep your upper body relaxed. Wallace stresses the importance of becoming aware of the unconscious tensions that prevent the flow of lymph fluid. Spread the tensions throughout the body to allow the lymph fluid to flow throughout the body.

Exercise - The Cornutes

Cross-Fit trainer Bob Cornute stresses the importance of ensuring joint mobility before doing cross-fit exercises. This is not like your average bending and stretching; it is making sure that all the joints you will be using are working properly. He engages the audience by demonstrating how to work out the different joints that will be used and doing it along with them. The most important joint movement to work is in the hips because they will be used a lot in the cross fit exercises he practices. Bob and his wife, Patricia, talk about when they first met and how Patricia’s weight was in the past. Despite Patricia’s frequent gym visits and active lifestyle, she could not seem to drop any weight, it just didn't make sense. It was not until Patricia gave birth to her daughter and a doctor noticed something abnormal about her legs. It was found that she had lipedema, a chronic disorder that causes abnormal, excess fat growth usually in the hips or leg area. Since she did not treat her lipedema, because she was unaware of it, she also developed Lymphedema. Lymphedema is swelling in the arms or legs that is caused by a blockage of lymph nodes; since they are not able to drain, they build up and create swelling. Doctors said there was not much she could do, but to stay out of the sun, relax and to elevate her legs. She felt as though her quality of life had dropped since she was not able to enjoy herself as she once did, being active and going out with her family. It became harder for her to walk and move around, at which point she and her husband decided they needed to make a change. They started eating on a Zone Diet, which holds to the notion that food is fuel. The Zone Diet is eating specific amounts of fats proteins and carbs in relation to one’s body weight and activity level. Bob also started suggesting modified cross-fit workouts for Patricia to do at this time. The workouts she did were basically cross-fit warm ups, since she was not able to have a full range of motion due to her size and condition. After accumulating strength, after continuing her workouts, she began to be able to walk more and in turn, do more and feel better. This was two years ago and she now still does her cross-fit and maintains a healthy diet. She is now able to go out and be active like she was before and she has since lost 60 pounds and 30 inches off of her legs.