Finding support and being able to ask questions to people going through similar experiences is invaluable. Please consider joining multiple groups and look for some like-minded people.

There are numerous groups on Facebook, MDJunction, and Yahoo as well as several blog sites that are aimed at Lipedema / Lipoedema / Lipödem patient support. We fully support all groups in their endeavors and we encourage open information exchange.

Please respect the privacy of patient groups and do not ask to join them if you do not have the disease. Please observe the rules & guidelines of each group.



Fat Disorders Research Society, Inc. 

Lipedema Sisters                    

Lipoedema Sisters Arizona       

Lipedema Sisters Texas          

Lipedema Stage 3 and 4         

Lipedema Sisters Chicago        

Paleo Diet for Lipedema Ladies

Lipo for Lipedema in Beverly Hills

Lipedema Education                

Liposuction for Lipedema         

Lipedema & Dercum Sisters    
of the Heartland 


Lipoedema UK 

Our objectives are to educate doctors, health professionals and the public about Lipoedema and its symptoms, so it may be diagnosed and treated earlier.

Talk Lipoedema

Lipoedema Ladies 


LASS Lipoedema Australia Support Society

The Netherlands

The Netherlands and US

Lipese and 


Lipoedem Hilfe 


Lipedema Canadian Support Group/Groupe de soutien Canadien pour Lipoèdeme


Facebook Groups

  1. Lipedema REV'N (Research,Education, Volunteer Network)
  2. Lipoedema
  3. Lipedema Fitness
  4. Lipedema Challenge


Facebook Pages

  1. LympheDIVAs
  2. Lipoedema Ladies 
  3. Lipedema-The Misunderstood Fat