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Wounds UK Lipoedema Best Practices

Early lipoedema diagnosis and the RCGP e-learning course 

Dutch Lipedema Guidelines translated into English October 2014

1. Guidelines in the Netherlands 2014

2. Patient Version

German Lipedema Care Guidelines 2015

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German-language version short guidelines

Google Translate version of short guidelines

German-language version long guidelines

Google Translate version of long guidelines

Research Landscape Report: Milken Institute: Giving Smarter Guide on Lipedema

Medicine and Supplements

TREAT program's Medicine and Supplements for people with Lipedema and Dercum's Disease


1. Lipedema Brochure by FDRS 2014

2. Dercum's Brochure 2012

3. Dercum's Brochure 2011

4. Lipedema Brochure 2012 DRAFT

5. Lipedema Brochure 2010


Presentations from our 2016 Conference, #FDRS2016



1A - Swollen Legs & Differential Diagnoses - John Bartholomew MD
1B - Lipedema - Margarita Correa MD
1C - Comparing Symptoms of Lipedema & Dercum's Statistically - Karen Beltran
2 - Eat Nutritiously to Reduce Inflammation - Emily Iker MD
3 - Pumps, Vibrations, Dry Brushing Oh My! - Molly Nettles OTR/L, CLT-LANA, STAR/C
4 - Lymphatic Yoga for Everyone - Edely Wallace, E-RYT, CYT, CDT, MLD, MT
5 - How to Perform Self MLD - Molly Nettles OTR/L, CLT-LANA, STAR/C
6 - NOT FOR CME Compression Show and Tell - Yvonne Russell RN CLT and Sonja Maul CLT-LANA
7 - Developing an Exercise Program for You - Sonja Maul PT CLT-LANA
8 - Deep Breathing Demo - No slides
9 - A Day in the Life of a Lipedema Patient - No slides
10 - Medications and Supplements - Karen Herbst MD PhD
11A - Research: Adipose and Lymphatics - Eva Sevick-Muraca PhD
11B - Research: Connecting the Dots - Gwen Randolph PhD
12 - Lipedema Can be Life Threatening - Dr. med. Josef Stutz
13 - Living with Stage 1/2 Lipedema - Briana Garrott
14 - Living with Stage 3/4 Lipedema - Linnie Hardin - No slides
15- Dealing with Dercum's - Tina Tranfaglia
16A - Considerations for Surgery in Patients with Fat Disorders - Karen Herbst MD PhD
16B - Surgery: When to Treat Vein Problems - Thomas Wright MD
16C - Surgery: Weight Loss Surgery - J. Stephen Scott MD
17 - 
Stem Cell Therapy - Jeffrey Lee NMD 
18A - Liposuction - David Amron MD
18B - Liposuction - Donny Buck MD
18C - Liposuction - Marcia Byrd MD
18D - Liposuction - Dr. med Stefan Rapprich
18E - Liposuction - Dr. med. Josef Stutz
19 - Your Gut, the Microbiome and Fat Disorders - Linda-Anne Kahn CLT-LANA, NCBTMB - Slides unavailable

FDRS handouts at the WCOL/NLN Conf Sept 2015

1- FDRS Mission Statement
2- Lipedema Description
3- Differential Diagnosis
4- 4 Circles
5- Calendar of Events
6- Compression
7- Lipedema Patient Groups
8- Liposuction
9- Nutrition
10- Lipedema Library 
11- Lymph Library
12- Lipedema Treatment
13- Lipedema Brochure

WCOL / NLN Patient Summit and conference

Note: WCOL/NLN will post most presentations in Sept/Oct. Check their website later.

1- 2015_Flyer_low FINAL
2- Revised WCOL Total Program Agenda v. March 11 2015 for website

Dercum's at The Swedish Rheumatism Association 2014

Lectures on Dercum’s disease by the professors Ph.D. M.D. Karen Louise Herbst and Ph.D. M.D. Ola Winqvist

Presentations from FDRS Conference September 2014

1. KAHN - Linda-Ann Kahn is a nutritionist and Pilates fan; the slides include information on nutrition and supplements
2. DR HERBST - Dr Karen Herbst presented on the 4 fat disorders and general information
3. NORTON - Steve Norton, founder of The Norton School, runs a company that trains hundreds of lymphedema and lipedema therapists every year
4. CORNUTE - Pattie and Bob presented on their life story and how Pattie got her life back through exercise
5. AMRON & EMER - Dr Amron and Dr Emer are LA liposuction doctors. Unbeknownst to them, they have been treating lipedema for years and developed a protocol not dissimilar to Dr Stutz's. They have recently added WAL liposuction to their practice.

Presentations from Lipedema Sisters USA Tucson gathering October 2013

1. Slides presented by Bernas at the Tucson gathering on imaging lipedema (MRI etc)

2. Slides presented by Cooper at the Tucson gathering on CVAC

3. Slides presented by Forner-Cordero at BLS in UK on the Clinical Aspects

4. Slides presented by Herbst at the Tucson gathering on liposuction for lipedema

5. Slides presented by Herbst at the Tucson gathering on Medications and Supplements

6. Slides presented by Herbst at the Tucson gathering on Lipedema

7. Slides presented by Herbst at the Tucson gathering on Projects to Fund and MeSH code

8. Slides presented by Jokerst at the Tucson gathering on Imaging the Larger Patient