FDRS is dedicated to improving the quality of life for all people affected by adipose tissue disorders through research, education, advocacy and collaboration.


Vision Statement and Goals


The Fat Disorders Research Society envisions an inclusive international effort to research, treat and ultimately cure all fat disorders.

Dercum’s Disease

Familial Multiple Lipomatosis

Lipedema (Lipoedema)

Madelung’s Disease (Multiple Symmetric Lipomatosis)


Short and Long Term Goals:

Establish and maintain a website that provides access to current research, diagnoses and treatment information for patients and clinicians 

Identify and disseminate information regarding physicians and medical facilities with experience in the diagnosis and treatment of fat disorders

Advocate at the local, national and international levels for appropriate funding and recognition for fat disorders

Create working alliances with other non-profit organizations to achieve mutual goals

Collaboratively create an International Standard of Care with clinicians and scientists for each fat disorder

Raise funds to support research aimed at improving our understanding of the pathophysiology, genetics and treatment modalities of all fat disorders


Long-Range Strategies:

Develop and maintain a patient data base to promote research and understand commonalities amongst fat disorders

Host scientific meetings and professional seminars for physicians, scientists, and healthcare providers

Host educational conferences for physicians, scientists, healthcare providers, patients and caregivers

Award grant monies for research into fat disorders