President - Cheyenne Brinson, MBA, CPA

Cheyenne is a healthcare consultant and speaker for a boutique healthcare consulting firm based in Chicago. She helps surgical practices solve business problems, streamline workflow, and increase operational efficiency.

Cheyenne holds a Master of Business Administration and Bachelor’s degree in accounting from Troy State University (now Troy University) in Troy, Alabama. She is an inductee to the Accounting Hall of Honor in recognition of her professional accomplishments and past president of the Illinois Medical Group Management Association.

Finally diagnosed at age 40 with lipedema, Cheyenne seeks to educate patients and physicians about lipedema, Dercum's Disease and other fat disorders, so that early diagnosis and treatment can occur. Cheyenne chronicles her own journey with lipedema in a blog:

Cheyenne is known for her love of Alabama football, spreading awareness for lipedema, and experimenting with Paleo dishes. She enjoys travel, Broadway shows and culinary excursions.


Vice President and Conference Chair - Yvonne Russell, RN, CLT

Yvonne is a Registered Nurse, Lipedema patient, and Certified Lymphedema Therapist.Her career as a contract nurse has given her the opportunity to work at prestigious hospitals throughout the country; University of Utah, Harbor View Medical, John’s Hopkins, and Easton Medical, to name a few.Yvonne’s difficulties getting a proper diagnosis and needed compression garments for her own condition led her on a personal journey toward becoming a therapist to help others.She was trained by well respected lymphedema therapist, Gunther Klose.After receiving her certification, she opened her own Lymphedema Clinic in Logan Utah where she continued to learn about Lipedema and Lymphedema.

Yvonne now spends her time helping her husband with his auto repair business, volunteering with FDRS and running a website for Lipedema products. It is her goal to expand her passion for Lipedema by providing consultations to wound clinics, education to therapists and patients.



Research Coordinator, Former President - Felicitie Daftuar, MBA, PMP

Felicitie is Founder and Executive Director of the Lipedema Foundation, a US not-for-profit and private foundation established in 2015 that is funding basic and translational research projects at top-tier universities and hospitals in order to define, diagnose and treat Lipedema and related conditions such as Dercum’s Disease. She is past President of FDRS from 2013-2015, and drove its resurrection; she currently serves on the board as the Research Coodinator.

Felicitie received her Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from The University of Chicago Booth Graduate School of Business in 2009, after many years in software engineering and project management. Her undergraduate degree is a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Arizona in 2000.

Felicitie had lipedema symptoms occur at 4 weeks postpartum after her second child was born and has successfully managed the lipedema symptoms through only nutritious eating, exercise, caffeine and natural hormonal fluctuations. She also credits her 3 girls (ages 6, 3 and 1) and her Pilates instructor with keeping the lipedema fatigue in check.


Secretary - Laura Baker

Laura is a Special Education and General Education Teacher as well as Reading Specialist.She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from the University of California at Santa Barbara and received her teaching credentials with Honors from California State University Northridge.Over the course of her 22 year career, she taught children from Kindergarten through Eighth Grade.Laura is a Dercum’s Disease, Lipedema and Lymphedema patient who has experienced years of fat bias and lack of diagnoses.Her desire to educate healthcare providers and fellow patients about fat disorders motivated her to volunteer for FDRS.

Laura currently lives in Santa Barbara, California with her husband, John and daughter, Katie.She enjoys writing, singing, sewing and swimming.Their two cats keep her company as she spends her time on home projects, writing interests and volunteering for FDRS.


Treasurer - Nancy Lazarus

Nancy is a Financial Professional with over twenty-five years of experience working in a variety of industries including pharmaceuticals, entertainment, and a non-profit cancer research center.She is currently working in the industrial metals and minerals trading industry.Nancy received her B.S. in Accounting from Rutgers University.

Nancy is a lipedema and lymphedema patient; she developed lipedema during puberty and secondary lymphedema in her thirties.She was not officially diagnosed until she was in her mid-forties.Nancy is particularly passionate about the need for the education of health care providers in order to get patients diagnosed and treated in the earliest stages of their disorders.